✔ 2 Colors are Available

The Perun mini is a new addition to OLIGHT’s Perun series and has Orange and Black two colors for choosing.

✔ Multifunctional use

Handheld as an EDC flashlight, magnetically attached to vehicles for maintenance as a work light, used as a headlamp with the optional headband.

Perun Mini usage scenarios

✔ Upgraded pocket clip

The brilliant dual-directional clip features two round tips bigger than the slot on the light that makes it difficult to be detached for enhanced reliability.

Perun Mini has a better pocket clip

When attached to clothes, backpacks or hats via the velcro duty patch, this compact yet powerful light can be rotated 60 degrees for the desired angle and extreme convenience.

Perun Mini pocket clip can be rotated 60 degrees

✔ Tiny but mighty

As small as a thumb, it boasts a max output of 1,000 lumens.

Small and high power EDC headlamp