Watch the video below to know more details about  Seeker 3


✔ Simple And Powerful

The Seeker 3 is the upgraded version of the Seeker 2 with a simplified design and higher lumen output. It delivers impressive performance up to 3,500 lumens and 220 meters.

✔ Powerful 3,500 Lumens

The newly adopted 4 LEDs deliver a brighter beam, reaching up to 3,500 lumens.

✔ Bamboo-like Design

The bamboo-like finger grooves are smooth and simple but give a firm and comfortable grip.

✔ Faster Charging, Less Waiting

Charging time shortened by 2.5h than Seeker 2.

✔ Easy To Carry

Easily slip it in a pocket or carry it with the lanyard.

✔ Rugged Build

Aerospace-grade aluminum alloy body with IPX8 waterproof rating. Withstands corrosion, impact and water splash easily.