Watch the video below to know more details about Swivel COB Work Light


An EDC Flashlight

Extra LED at its head to deliver a focused beam just like an EDC flashlight.

Ample Near-Field Floodlight

COB module that produces ample near-field floodlight when repairing things or working.

A Compact & COB & LED Work Light

The Swivel is a compact and foldable COB+LED work light.

180° Adjustable Clip-Style

180° adjustable clip-style stand allows you to adjust the beam angle as needed, and hang the product on a backpack, tent, branch, or more.

Three heavy-grip magnets

Three heavy-grip magnets inside the stand attach firmly onto any iron surface.

Compact Rechargeable Magnetic Work Light

Sturdy ABS body with an IPX4 rating that resists corrosion, heat, impact, and water splash.


There are slight differences between the picture and the real item caused by light color temperature. All the pictures are for reference only.